Specializing in Aluminum Recycling

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Smelter Service Corporation is a nationally recognized aluminum recycling company located in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee.

We have helped conserve the world’s natural resources while meeting the demands of our customers for the highest quality aluminum.

As we strive to be the best aluminum recycler in our industry, we know that it is vitally important to focus on what is most important to our customers. After listening to them extensively and gaining the experience of years in the business, we believe we have made a difference with them. The Total Value Triangle represented below links these vital components into a unified whole. That is our approach to our business every day.

We expect our team to create ingots that are clean, safe and solid, made through the most accurate chemistry. Our service will feature reliable information provided to our customers, followed up with dependable pickups and deliveries. Our prices will be absolutely competitive. All this attention to detail produces a total value that guarantees our leadership in the aluminum recycling industry.